Rokkasho Tourism Association

Welcome to Rokkasho Village

Rokkasho Village is located on the Pacific coast of Shimokita Peninsula in the Tohoku district of Japan.

The village is abundant in the nature representing different colorful surfaces throughout all seasons, and boasts of a variety of scenic spots including Cape Monomi (Lighthouse), Obuchi Marsh, Takinoshiri Waterfall and Tatamiiwa Rock. On the historical aspect the village is well-known for the horse-breeding of the prestigious horse “Ikeduki” owned by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo (Shogun) of the Kamakura period.

With the background of these aspects characterized by the nature and the history the village is presently a home to many facilities of the energy related advanced technology and research.

In addition to the above the industries such as agriculture, fishery and livestock are flourishing in the village. Its local products include “Rokushu” or shochu liquor made from yam, fresh vegetables/seafood, dairy products such as Lake Ogawara Beef, and many other excellent local foods based on the village’s tradition and culture.

Rokkasho Village Tourism Association was established as the general incorporated association whose purpose is to drive the promotion of local industries of agriculture/ fishery and sightseeing exchange. The center called “Rokushunkan” is the place for food and sightseeing exchange where many visitors from within the country and abroad visit.

Organization profile

corporate name
Rokkasho Village Tourism Association
561-1 Michinosita,Takahoko,Rokkasho village,Aomori
phone number
fax number
name of representative
Representative Tsuguo Oikawa
September 20, 2017
Task of Rokkasho Village Tourism Association
  1. Research, study and development of sightseeing resource
  2. Attraction of foreign tourists, promotion of local tourism and tourist information
  3. Management of sightseeing facilities, and sale/publicity of local products etc.
  4. Fostering of local culture, and development/guidance for improvement/publicity of souvenirs
  5. Communication/collaboration and exchange activities with tourism related persons
  6. Execution and promotion of various events/festivities
  7. Other related task to achieve the purpose of the association